Tuesday, July 20, 2010

wasting my time

Pope Ratzi Gets Blingee'd!
I parked this blog name months ago, with some vague idea that maybe some day, I might use it in some way. Then, while I was archive bingeing on another blog, I started wondering why on Earth I hadn't made use of such a marvelous blog title. So, I'm designating this as my personal blog for when I feel like it.

Unfortunately, I can't really claim the idea for the title "Felonious Popes"; I lifted it from Lewis Black. Since he is a Jew, and I am a Presbyterian-raised agnostic, I think we're both immune from charges of blasphemy. Also, I doubt that there will be much to do with popes committing crimes on here, unless I feel like it.

Look for book reviews, essays, history lessons, or whatever I feel like posting to pop up here from time to time.

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